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How To Create A Website Store

Today anyone can create a website store. The process can be simple or complex, depending on what the site creator desires. Web stores can also be created for free if they are simple. Whichever path are chosen, building a web store is a profitable way to earn money online. This guide will explain the necessary steps for creating an optimal site.

Landing Page

The first step to creating a website store is to build a landing page. Purchase a domain name that is fairly simple to remember. This may be challenging, as many domains are taken. Since the “.com” sites are the easiest to remember, try to purchase a domain with a web address extension that has a “.com” ending. Purchase from a reputable host, and be sure to understand the terms before purchasing it. The landing page should have links to all the informational sub-pages and the shopping pages. Offer a brief overview of what the site offers, highlighting any unique features. There are plenty of text and background templates online for free. Some pre-formed personalized templates can be purchased for a low fee. When beginning a site, it is best to keep it simple and concise. When revenue begins to build later, that is the time to hire a graphic designer to make it more attractive and full of catchy features. Add Twitter and Facebook shoppers can share the site with their friends – this is a great way to increase traffic.


These should be fairly easy to create. Once again, use background and image codes if desired. When typing the text for each of the pages, if it is more than a few paragraphs, add headers to each paragraph to make it easier to scan and read. Not everyone will want to take the time to read every page. However, they will want to get a general idea of what to expect. Create a “Contact & Support” page that includes all contact information and common support issues addressed. If possible, find the codes for a comment box and add them. This is a simple form of communication that all users are familiar with. It will post all questions so other users can see them and avoid being redundant. Another beneficial page to add is a “Frequently Asked Questions,” or FAQ, page. Forums or discussion boards are also beneficial. Create a blog page and post in it weekly to keep readers engaged.

E-Commerce Platform

This is the most important part of creating a website store. An e-commerce platform is basically a shopping cart feature. It is crucial to choose a provider that has high safety ratings. Be sure to choose a company that offers good customer service. Every web business owner will experience glitches with an e-commerce program, so it is important to have a company that will quickly fix the issue. This will ensure revenue and traffic loss are kept to a minimum. Read reviews before purchasing the program. Don’t be afraid to invest a little extra for a high-quality product. This is the essential part of the entire web store. A good product will be user-friendly. Follow the directions for the individual program chosen to perform set-up.

Store Pages

The store should have one main page, apart from the landing page. This should be linked on the landing page as “Enter Here” or “Click To Enter Store” to make the instructions clear for visiting shoppers. A good e-commerce program will have templates for setting up merchandise display pages. If not, create the pages manually. Be sure to post at least three photos of the product from different angles. Write a brief, content-rich description under the product photo. For optimal selling results, create sub-links on the page for other suggested items. Suggested items should be similar merchandise the buyer might like if they’re buying that specific item. If any discounts are offered, the dialog for this should be posted in bright font color. Make the font size larger than normal and place the notification as a floating icon on the merchandise page’s right side. Each merchandise page should be linked to a relevant category or sub-category. Ultimately, the main categories will be placed on the store’s main page.

Benefits Of E-Commerce Stores

Even if choosing to use a secure payment site such as Citibank or PayPal instead of an e-commerce site, it is important to upgrade to e-commerce at some point. The benefits far outweigh the few disadvantages, which the biggest of is cost. When using only a secure payment site, the rest of the work must be done manually, including making each merchandise page. With e-commerce, templates can be used for much of the merchandise. Some also come with alert systems when errors or other problems are detected within the store site. In addition to this, many e-commerce programs are designed to collect an email address with the buyer’s shipping information. After this, an email is automatically sent with shipment details and an electronic receipt. No business wants to face customer disputes, but they will happen eventually. When they do, it is important to have this tool. Without it, sending receipts out and keeping track of sales and returns can be difficult and time-consuming, often cutting revenue overall.

Six Easy Steps to Create your Website Store:

  1. The first thing you need to do is register a domain if you haven’t already done so. Click here to register.
  2. Get website hosting. Click here to purchase hosting for your domain.
  3. Purchase Quick Shopping Cart click here.
  4. Setup your website hosting on your domain.
  5. Setup your Quick Shopping Cart.
  6. Place links from your website to the location of your Quick Shopping Cart.